How to Make New Towels Absorbent

You must have noticed that when you buy new towels, not all of them absorb water the way they should. One of the main reasons is the presence of fabric softeners which reduces the absorbing power of these towels.

Other reasons are when residual stuff from the dryers stays back. The surfaces of the towels and builds up over time.

In this write-up, let us find out how you will soften the towels and make them absorbent. If they have lost their absorbing power due to the above conditions. Or are new and lack the absorbing capacity.

A step-by-step guide to getting back the crispy and absorbing ability of the towels.

Follow these steps so that you can get your older towels back as new or rather make the new towels better. Here, both new and old towels have been discussed.

  1. First, get your laundry washer ready.
  2. If the towels are new, allow your washer to complete one washing cycle after filling in the drum with water. This process must comprise wash and spin cycles.
  3. Next, you must put them into it, new or old, and turn the temperature of the washer to sanitizing cycle or hot water. When you load them, the washer must be empty. But make sure you do not overload the washer and fill in water adequately before you turn on the temperature knob either to sanitizing the cycle or hot water.
  4. When you are washing them, let only the towels be in the drum. Do not put in any other clothes or fabric. But the drum must have enough water to soak all the towels.
  5. Add a cup of white vinegar into space where you put the laundry soap or into the hot water. The vinegar will remove the fabric softeners and any grease or oil from them. Remember, not to add any laundry soap or fabric softener but run the machines with alternate spin and rinse cycles as you normally would do.
  6. Once you have run the washer with a wash, rinse, and spin cycles stop the washer. Empty it and reload the washer with water but the towels must continue to remain inside the drum.
  7. Fill the drum with hot water and the same settings as you did the first time when you used vinegar.
  8. For the second cycle, use a cup of baking soda into the space for laundry soap od if you do not have a separate space for laundry soap, just add it to the drum of the washer.
  9. You might witness a little chemical reaction due to the residual vinegar that remains on them with just added one cup of baking soda. This reaction will remove any vinegar or residual fabric softener that is preventing your towels from absorbing water properly.
  10. Once the wash, rinse, and spin cycle is done with baking soda, your towels are ready for being dried.
  11. Take them out of the washer and dry them as you normally do.

Remember, not to put vinegar and baking soda together as it might cause a mess by an unexpected chemical reaction.

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