Jonah Engler throws light on how to teach kids to deal the ups

Jonah Engler challenges are a part of life and also children are no exception here. Many things can lead to mental stress in them; it may be because of parental separation, death of grandparents, or pets at home, or even moving to a new city. These are issues that can lead your child to go through stress and depression also. Apart from this, they share daily pressure in school, peer pressure, social media, and the surrounding environment. All add up to the fact that they have to deal with a lot of things. 

Jonah Engler says that it is almost impossible to raise your child in isolation. You cannot abstain from the outside pressure. What you can do is prepare them to face different challenges with a lot of confidence. Try to train them not to be scared of stress and also anxiety; instead, they dare deal with them. 

Ways to help your child build confidence as suggested by Jonah Engler

  • The significance of a routine and time table: When other parts of life seem to throw curveballs at your child, it is interesting to note that they appreciate their performance. They like it as it brings a lot of discipline in their lives. You can structure your child’s day in many ways. You can decide on a fixed time when you serve them meals, start to limit the screen time, make sure they have consistent wake-up and also bedtime, and also lastly, be compatible with the ways you adopt while managing your difficulties. It will help to structure the entire day of your child.
  • Explore healthy ways to express emotions: Many children scream and also cry while others keep the feelings pent up. It would be best if you taught your child healthy ways of expressing their feelings. Would help if you listened to them when they come to you with their problems. It will build a sense of trust in them. They will get the confidence to share their inner feelings while low. Communication is not only in the way of talking, try to assess the changes in their behavior. It will tell you a lot about the emotional state of your child. You can provide them a list of ideas that they can use when facing a challenging situation
  • Coping with anxiety and stress: Tyr to communicate with your child, the importance of sleep will ease their minds. It will also help them to get some personal time. Also, tell them that it is essential to do physical activities. Teach them simple exercises. They will ensure an active body and also mind both. It would be best if you took good care of your child’s diet. You must help them to eat healthy food. Try to keep them away from junk items. Having healthy food can help your child to maintain good health. 

Hence your child must be taught the importance of the skills required to deal with life’s stress. You must provide every possible support to help them overcome a challenging situation.