List of Famous personalities that got affected by COVID-19

The widespread Covid19 pandemic has proved to be a great leveler. It rankled through the various famous strata of the societies treating everyone. At par and sparing none regardless of their profession and also social status.  The coronavirus infection does not discriminate. Between people except those with a robust immune system who can effectively fight the disease. And even stay out of its reach for a longer time.

But that does not guarantee complete protection as the contagious virus can affect anyone, including the head of states, celebrities, entertainers, athletes, politicians, and anyone from all walks of life in the most unsuspecting circumstances. The infection source is often a mystery that has left governments and policymakers clueless about how to stop the rampaging pandemic that has affected nearly 200 countries and regions, which is unprecedented in history.

Here is a list of famous personalities that have fallen victims to the virus in varying degrees, with many succumbing to it.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

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The celebrated Hollywood actor and his singer and actress wife. Contracted coronavirus infection in early March while they were touring Australia. Tom Hanks was on a shooting assignment in Australia for an Elvis Presley biopic when he and his wife showed cold and flu symptoms. The couple tested positive for coronavirus and isolated themselves. Until recovery after spending 5 days in the hospital and the remaining time at their home.   After their two-week quarantine, they headed back to their Los Angeles home. After recovering, they committed to donating blood and plasma that can aid a Covid19 vaccine.               

 Idris Elba

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The British musician and also actor were one of the celebrities affected by the coronavirus in the pandemic’s early days during March. While breaking the news himself on Twitter, he admitted that he decided. To go for testing after staying asymptomatic for a few days as he realized. He appeared on the video and his wife. Who had not yet tested and also appealed to all to maintain social distancing norms and handwashing frequently to combat the coronavirus’s spread?

Novak Djokovic

Source – Deccan Herald

Novak Djokovic, the professional tennis great who is also the men’s number one tennis player. Tested positive while playing a tournament Adria World Tour in June. The coronavirus also affected his wife Jelena while sparing their two children, who tested negative.  Djokovic faced criticism for his behavior during the tournament as people accused him of not taking social distancing measures. It not only affected him and his wife but many other tennis players like Bulgaria’s Vikto Troicki and Grigor Dimitrov and Croatia’s Borna Coric, who had tested positive earlier.

Shahid Afridi

Source – Deccan Herald

Shahid Afridi, the high profile Pakistani cricketer. Announced on Twitter about being diagnosed with Covid19 and ranked. He disclosed the symptoms that began with body ache after he started feeling unwell. And with time the pain became quite severe.

Usain Bolt

Source – Times of India

Eight times Olympic gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt who is also the world record sprinter, contracted the coronavirus infection in August and entered into self-isolation at home. The athlete fell sick soon after celebrating his 34th birthday bash without masks.  Bolt was apprehensive about his unsafe acts during the birthday bash, as evident from the video posted by him before testing positive for the coronavirus that was indicative enough about the test’s outcome.

Jair Bolsonaro

Source – The Hindu

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro was among the prominent world leaders affected by the coronavirus. It was ironic that after playing down the severity of the virus for months, he tested positive and disclosed the news to reporters while wearing a mask. However, the president was defiant in following the health protocols since the pandemic struck.

Donald Trump       


Source – The Hindu

The most powerful head of state of the most powerful country tested positive for coronavirus in October, barely a month before the November 3 presidential election. He had taken a defiant stand against the pandemic restrictions and also even downplayed its severity on several occasions.  Trump, along with First Lady Melania Trump, made the announcement and went into quarantine at home. Before the president making the announcement, his adviser Hope Hicks who accompanied the president on his tours, had tested positive a few hours ago.

Harvey Weinstein

Source – BBC

Former Hollywood producer currently undergoing jail term for various sex offenses, including assault and rape, tested positive for coronavirus as confirmed by the head of the state corrections officers union. Weinstein, currently lodged at Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo, is serving 23 years in prison.  Weinstein had spent time at a prison in New York City named Rikers Island.

Prince Charles

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In March, Prince Charles displayed mild coronavirus symptoms and also tested positive, as confirmed by one spokesperson. The Duchess of Cornwall isolated with her husband in Scotland, although she tested negative. The Queen, who was in good health, saw Prince Charles.

Boris Johnson

Source – The Hindu

The pandemic’s initial wave devastated Europe and the UK that saw British Prime Minister Boris Johnson testing positive for coronavirus and became the first world leader to fall victim to the pandemic. The self-disclosure confirmed that the Prime Minister would be self-isolating at home. Although later, when things turned for the worse as he experienced breathing distress, he had to be hospitalized in April.

Patrick McEnroe

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The decorated former doubles tennis player, now an ESPN broadcaster, was a victim of Covid19 in March when the pandemic wave was at its crest. He displayed minor symptoms, and also after 11 days of self-quarantine at home, he got a drive through the test in New York’s Westchester County. He came out from the test successfully and declared himself 100 percent fit.

Kevin Durant

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The Brooklyn Nets forward and two-times NBA championship winner. Confirmed on March 17 about the positive test result for coronavirus and also displayed almost no symptoms while he was feeling fine. He was one of the four Net players who contracted the virus.