Mark Elenowitz shares budgeting tips for new entrepreneurs

ost new entrepreneurs who plan to start their own business aren’t necessarily thinking about the most critical business aspect! It is budgeting. It is essential to budget your venture’s business. Still, the process is not fun—many new entrepreneurs eager to start their business look at budgeting as a necessary evil. Mark Elenowitz reveals the trick to budgeting! It is to budget smartly. The more entrepreneurs can save without cutting corners, the better your business is. Here are a few budgeting tips that new entrepreneurs ought to know:

1. Separate your business and personal finances

It is essential to keep the business separate from personal life! It will help in budgeting. If the individual costs intertwine with business costs, you won’t get an exact estimate of the amount of money your business brings in. You will not know how much money you require to survive. When you use separate credit cards and a budget, you can stay away from headaches later. The earlier you start, the better it is for you.

2. Set aside money for tax

Mark Elenowitz most business owners, significantly the new entrepreneurs, usually underestimate or forget this recurring cost. If you want to be on the safe side, create a separate bank account and place 35% of the net revenue or 20% of the gross income each month. If you don’t plan for taxes, you will pay more as of late fees and can cause risk an audit.

3. Keep every receipt

The first-time entrepreneurs might take their highest cost into account during budgeting. However, that is a mistake. The small expenses, overtime put together might make a substantial impact. Hence, it is essential to keep the receipts and take all records to understand your business’s financials. It will help you to budget for growth-oriented expenditures in the future.

4. Haggle with the suppliers

You might feel uncomfortable questioning a supplier’s cost. However, if you stay polite, you might not enquire. Is it possible to get a discount on a bulk purchase? Or can you get a deal if you pay early? By cutting the expenses at a supplier level, you can go a long way to assist your venture’s cash flow.

5. Make sure to shop around

You should never settle for the first deal that you get! The reason is that you might get another better deal waiting for you. It is a good practice to investigate three or four choices before you select the correct one. Even if all the option is the same, you can rest assured that your diligence might save your business cash next time.

Finally, when you are planning, it’s a good idea to round up the expenses. You should go ahead and do that that would drastically alter the budget. However, rounding up will ensure that you save more than you require, just if you have to accommodate or miscalculate for a surprise expense. New entrepreneurs can abide by these tips to make sure that they are budgeting correctly.