Minnesota Has Legalized Surveillance Cameras

According to several reports, nursing homes along with assisted facilities of living in Minnesota are allowed to have surveillance cameras in the rooms, which will help their family members to keep a proper tab on their health. Before the law was in effect from the 1st January, no legislation was protecting the use of surveillance cameras, which can help in providing peace to the family members. Family members can also spot abuse to the senior citizens and can take action. According to Cheryl Hennen, before this, the law was completely silent.

Currently, the living facilities and nursing homes have to inform residents of the right to use surveillance cameras. For installing cameras, the facility has to be notified, the resident should give consent and also obtain the consent of the other roommates. If any resident is not able to provide consent because of cognitive impairment, relatives have to fill out forms and get statements from medical professionals. Few people have started criticizing the law for the reporting requirements, which involves the paperwork, and are anxious that this can deter them from using any electronic monitoring. This can hamper the law.


Everyone wants to love and care for their close ones and that is why they are interested in monitoring them, and they also want to see that their loved ones are getting the care, as stated by Jean Peters. These requirements are going to have a huge effect on families. This has been told to The Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune explains that before this law, families, who were suspecting elder abuse, would install cameras in the rooms of the residents without informing the facility. If they did this, they were violating the law. According to that law, residents could allow cameras only for two weeks without notifying any facility members. They would also have to submit a form to the office of the state.

However, the Public Policy Director of the Minnesota Elder Justice Centre stated that it was important to protect the rights of the seniors. With the help of the new technology, which included surveillance cameras, it will be easy for anyone from the family to keep a tab on their loved one. They will be able to understand whether they are facing any kind of abuse or whether proper care is being taken for them. They will understand whether the money that they are paying is worth everything. To stay somewhere else and observe everything is undoubtedly one of the best powers.

This technological improvement has made the family members extremely happy. Earlier, any problem that their loved one would face at the care center would only be informed via the Care Centre to them. However, with surveillance cameras installed, it is not going to be difficult to monitor their health. This law has made people extremely happy in Minnesota. The residents of the care homes are also pleased that their loved ones will constantly watch them and look out for them in case any problem arises. This new law has been embraced by millions of people.