Pinterest Marketing for Personal Branding

Pinterest Marketing for Personal Branding and Blogging: A Cheat Sheet

When we talk about Pinterest and how to use it for marketing (yes, there is a way to use it for marketing instead of just pinning adorable kitten pictures), the conversation usually focuses on retailers and publishing sites. But what if you’re looking to market yourself? As a blogger or podcaster or writer with an online presence, how can you best use Pinterest?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most beneficial uses Pinterest has in the personal branding/marketing world — and don’t forget that your own mileage may vary! Sometimes creating boards specific to each campaign really works; other times its better just to create one big board and share all your content that way. Experiment and find out what works best for you!

Pinterest is a social pinboard that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Learn how to use Pinterest here. How Can I Use This?

Personal Branding for Yourself, As a Writer/Podcaster/Blogger/another Content creator… You are your own brand! Whether or not you have business cards with your name, face & blog URL on them, people should be able to tell within seconds of landing on your site who it belongs to. How can Pinterest help? If there’s one thing that makes an impression more than anything else online, it’s visuals. Showcase the talent that makes you unique by pinning images that highlight your personal style, interests, and your passions.

How can I use Pinterest for my personal branding as a blogger?

  • Create boards specific to each campaign
  • Use graphics & brand elements to create an eye-catching & recognizable profile

What works best for you? Let me know in the comments! Personal Branding for yourself, as an entrepreneur/small business owner for online entrepreneurs and small business owners (like bloggers), Pinterest is like having a digital storefront that you can curate and customize with your own products and photos. There’s no reason why every blogger shouldn’t have at least one board dedicated to promoting their blog — not only does it boost exposure, but it’s also beneficial when trying to gain traction on Google search. Users can click “follow” on your board and that will send an update to their home feed every time you pin something new. It’s also a great place for affiliates to promote their products, as long as it’s relevant (and if the product is relevant, why not?)

The more boards you have, the better. A great way to use Pinterest effectively is to create individual boards dedicated to company/product lines so the user can see them all in one scroll.

Pinterest is doing more than ever to help small businesses connect with new customers on their platform. Learn more here. How Can I Use This?

  • Create at least one board per brand & product line
  • Pin images of your own work or products you represent
  • Promote products on behalf of your affiliates
  • Use Pinterest to curate your brand, products & content into a cohesive image of what you’re all about
  • Use boards to highlight collections, products & services

What works best for you? Let me know in the comments! Personal Branding for yourself, as an artistic expression… If your art is part of who you are and how you express yourself, use Pinterest as a place to showcase it. Like Facebook or Tumblr, Pinning on this platform lets people get more insight into which you are on the inside. As long as they’re relevant pins (and not just one continuous stream of new-age mumbo jumbo), then there’s no reason that someone looking at your profile won’t want to jump onto your site or follow you on the old’ Insta.

How can I use Pinterest to market my art?

  • Highlight & share your work with others
  • Be specific with keywords that describe your art, so they show up in relevant searches (i.e.: abstract watercolor paintings)
  • Pin images of people/works you admire or who inspire you – it shows visitors what’s important to you and may lead them down the road of discovery as well!


What works best for me? Personal Branding for yourself, as a business… When personal branding is taken into account by businesses, it makes an enormous difference not just through social media but also within the company itself. Employees are happier and more productive when they feel well represented and that in turn makes for better client relationships.

Highlight your brand’s unique selling points and what makes it different than all the other businesses in the same industry, Pin images, graphics & infographics to illustrate your product or service, Optimize keywords so when users search terms relevant to your company/products, you show up!