Plumber vs. electrician – Who to go for to repair water heater?

Are you having water heating problems lately? Are you confused about whether the problem is the equipment, the water line or the electrical line? Well, this is a common problem, and many individuals are left in the lurch about calling the plumber, electrician or the HVAC tech.

So, what is the solution?

The solution is dependent on the issue, as our experts point out for you in the following section of the article. For more an expert review of your plumbing problems contact A1 Plumbing Water Heater Repair.

Ideally, for the most part, you should be calling your plumber for water heater except in certain special scenarios. So, what are the specific problems for a water heater that requires a plumber?

When to call a plumber?

Let us have a look,

No hot water

So, just when you wanted to take an energizing hot shower, you find out that the heater is not working even after you have had it switched on this whole time! Don’t get forced into having a cold shower. Call your plumber right away. A word of advice; check if you can remedy the problem by adjusting the thermostat if not the heating unit needs to be replaced.

Leaking water heater

A water heater is supposed to supply hot water inside the house and should you find hot water anywhere outside your property then it might mean there is a leak in the plumbing lines. A leak in the heating unit may lead to the formation of a pool of water around the base of the device which may lead to serious accidents.

Heater tank rust

You can either have rust in the water itself due to rusted lines and fixtures or accumulation of rust in the tank of the heater itself. Call your plumber at once for these troublesome hassles.

Is your water heater over ten years old?

Water heaters generally last for over eight years. If your heater is around this age, then chances are it won’t be working as efficiently as it should. This will lead to increased power consumption and heating bills. Your plumber can guide you better about repairing and servicing or a complete replacement of the water heater unit.

A key aspect to consider

Always make sure that your plumber is licensed. It is illegal for a plumbing service to operate in an area without the proper licensure. A properly certified plumber is trained to handle almost any water heater problems including electrical wiring, piping, anode rods and gas lines.

Some more problems that require a plumber

  • Whistling noise from the water heater
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Pilot light doesn’t light up or stay lit

However, certain problems require the electrician,

Call an electrician if,

  • Water heater trips the circuit breaker
  • Overheat of the heater fuse box
  • A loose wire in the water heater unit

We hope that this article helps you in identifying your water heater troubles better. Call your expert today.