Popular Movie Star and Adorable Grandpa George Segal Passes Away at 87

George Segal, one of the leading movie stars and adorable grandpa breathes his last at 87 on March 23, 2021. His wife Sonia Segal declared a statement announcing his demise through Sony Pictures Television that produces the very popular, The Goldbergs. Segal’s family is overwhelmed to declare that the actor is no more with us. He passed away because of certain complications arising from the actor’s bypass surgery. However, Sonia’s statement did not mention the time of the surgery or any other information.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, George Segal was extremely popular as a comic actor, the screen’s biggest star in the bygone age of 1970s, when cheerful adult comedies flourished.

Segal Nominated for the Academy Awards

Segal was born on February 13, 1934, in Great Neck, Long Island, New York, and was nominated for the Academy Awards for the best supporting actor when he played Nick in the 1966 movie, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” This film was an adaptation of a famous play headlined by beautiful Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The actor’s Goldberg’s colleagues, more like the popular show’s family grieved the loss of their dear friend. Segal was one of those comic actors to amuse the late-night adult audiences on the television with his superb skills on banjo playing. Yes, he was a banjo player turned actor.

Segal was sweet and kind

George had a sweet temperament and kind, besides being funny and extremely talented. Therefore His demise is a great loss in the entertainment industry and creates a big void. Segal was the personification of class, touching the lives of all people quite profoundly. His colleges in a statement said that the actor was a privilege and honor to his coworkers and friends all this time. He is such a lovable person, missed by their friends, and loved ones. Pops will be missed for banjo playing skills and contagious laugh. He should rest in peace.

Sony offered solemn condolences to Segal

Sony Pictures offered its solemn commiseration to Segal, remembering him as an icon in the true sense of the word. Segal was a great performer, who brightened the screen when he appeared before the camera. ABC Entertainment cited that Segal’s talent did leave behind a permanent mark and they are thankful for his joyous attitude and laughter he showered on them all.

George Segal’s manager and friend, Abe Hoch issued a statement as well, grieving his death. Abe said that he was distressed because he lost a good friend as well as a client, who was associated with Abe for so many years. His manager and friend said that he would miss his humor, warmth, friendship, and companionship. Segal, according to Abe, was a great human being as well, besides being a great banjo player and actor. Segal would be remembered as the wryly, wise grandpa of Adam, Erica, and Barry on the show, The Goldbergs. Also, George Segal was honored as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in the year 2017. Segal did rise to stardom in the 1970s, winning the love of numerous fans.