Roles of Human Resource Administrators in Inexpensive Web Hosting Companies

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The role of human resources in a web hosting company goes beyond traditional roles of recruitment to include roles of system administration and handling all complaints. Offering the best hosting services ultimately leads to more sales if the best services are offered. For customer satisfaction even at the lowest monthly and annual rates, the human resources have the following tasks:

  1. Customer support

A discontinuous customer support is essential for efficiency of operations. Disconnections or slow web access will be detected and addressed if there is an effective technical team to listen to and attend to customer grievances.

  1. Load balancing and redundant servers

It is up to the HR to hire the best hands and minds to resolve redundancy issues as well as having effective load balancing. For continuous communication and fast speeds requests are sent to and from web servers to websites via multiple servers. Through constant administration and management, the web developers and hosts will be able to check the servers’ status, detect disconnections  provide multi-server redundancies, sending alerts and taking troubled servers offline , monitor excess requests and distributing commands.

This may be a primary role for the systems administrator but it doubles as a human resource task to handle customer complaints if and when they come through. Hiring the right hands for the job is also an HR role.

  1. Continuous file storage and backups

The cheapest web hosting company you choose for your business has the important role of storing all clients’ and company’s files. Units must have redundant power supplies with fast replacement or removal or faulty drives. Full website backups should be done at least weekly as well as incremental backing up of changed files every night. The safety and availability of files and data is done using tape systems and software.

  1. Connectivity

You do not wish to be paying monthly or annual rates just for you to go offline for a whole working day or hours. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, there are teams of technicians who have set up extensive connections that will serve as alternative connectivity line if one line is faulty or disconnected.

A cheap hosting company HR has to establish networks with lading connectivity companies to ensure that there will be continuity in data flow to and from clients. Direct connections are very important for running of the business attracting more clients making the low hosting rates reasonable.

  1. Security and Firewall technology

Unauthorized access to your website or blog is prevented by the best and even the cheapest hosting companies to secure your data.  The firewalls are designed by the best developers and security analysts hired and even take through robust training programs and mocks by the HR.

As a result, websites are protected from intruders, the right web traffic gets to your site and potential overloads preventing.

In conclusion, these roles are carried out with the help of web developers and system administrators through HR that selects and hires the best minds for the job. Communication and PR is handles by human resources keeping clients happy. They also help in creating attractive packages for their clients at the low rates offered. Compliance with industry standards by ensuring proper file storage and legit access to websites is a critical HR role.

Author Bio

Yusuf Dawood is a web host compliance and HR officer at leading hosting company offering the cheapest web hosting monthly and annual rates. Read more on HR and administrative roles in Web hosting companies from his blog. He is also a travel photographer and a writer.