SarahBethHartlage–Welcoming Women into Stem Careers

Globally, there is a high need for workforce Careers that is skilled in science, technology, engineering, and also mathematics (STEM). However, when it comes to women working in this field, there are significantly less STEM-educated women. Although the figures are gradually increasing. These numbers absolutely have a chance to increase, provided we make opportunities. And also creates space for women to rise in this industry.

Opportunities for women in STEM careers today

The argument for more women to be motivated into STEM careers is a simple one; the labor needs of the workforce can’t keep up without them. The latest projections highlight that America will need to fill approximately 6.6 million STEM job positions. In the coming decade, and also with half of the population largely excluded from this field. The field can’t grow successfully without more women. Even though women are gradually attaining more education, comprising half of all workers. With postsecondary degrees, they account for just 25% of the STEM workers. Women who have already made great strides in STEM, such as healthcare leader SarahBethHartlage have researched. This shortage heavily and similarly concluded the need for more women in the field.

Essential questions to consider

In talking about women in STEM careers, there are two essential questions to consider:

  • How will organizations be able to fill high need STEM roles with women, considering the growing demands for these STEM-related positions and a projected shortage of workers?
  • How can our nation compete in developing innovative STEM solutions if the STEM field lacks gender diversity amongst its workforce?

Women in STEM fields have a vital role to play in building a thriving economy. It is also favorable for American businesses to diversify their workforce, and also allow ideas from different minds to create innovative solutions for the growing STEM field. To solve an organization’s challenging issues in new and also creative ways. And when you have a diverse woman STEM workforce, you have access to innovative ideas and fresh perspectives.

Motivating women into STEM jobs

It is essential to foster more interest in mathematics and also science amongst women from an early age, which means there is a need to improve our teaching capacities and also recruit highly capable STEM educators. Creating space for women in STEM is a multifaceted and complex issue, but one that must be explored nonetheless.

Roughly 6.6 million STEM jobs must get filled by 2022. This need will only continue to grow and also suggests that bridging the gap between women and also STEM fields is a core competency in meeting the needs of this field. It is through the collaborations between academic institutions, corporations, and also advocacy groups that we can fill this gap, and support women in their STEM endeavors. With more diversity in the field, the innovations that could come out of it in the coming decade are endless! All we need to do is support these women, and also place a vested interest in their STEM education and also training.

Author Bio –Arlette Pepper is a professional chiropractor and also takes an interest in other alternative healing disciplines. She is also highly interested in furthering research about successful females who serve as healthcare experts, such as asSarahBethHartlage. She blogs consistently about women in STEM fields.