Some important things to learn about newsletter templates

Maintaining consistency is quite critical for a brand’s identity. That’s why most companies ensure that their packaging, social media accounts, and promotions reflect this element. Since email communications form an integral part of the marketing endeavours, you have to make sure that your messages have a suitable format at the least. You can opt for a simple email template or a sophisticated one. It’s up to you. The only thing is that the millennial will not accept anything that doesn’t match their taste.

However, the choice goes beyond what works and what doesn’t. You also have to pay attention to the type of newsletter template you select. Some may need technical support, and some can work just fine by themselves. Then, the vendors also matter. On the market, you will come across various HTML email templates that can fit into your business objectives with ease. But before you make any decision, find out who you are buying it from for your needs.

You can get these templates from two sources:

  • Standalone service providers or marketplaces: These allow you to purchase or download an independent template for free. You don’t have to opt for their email sending services. You can use their tool for your email communications.
  • Email service providers: You cannot usually use their templates without subscribing to their email marketing services.

Both have some merits. But if you are looking for freedom and flexibility, then standalone newsletter templates can be your best bet. The other choice can be useful if you need automated services due to the bulk requirements. No matter which newsletter template you choose, make sure the main design elements remain the same even though the purpose of communication is different. Some components that can play a significant part in this include visuals, structure, call-to-action button, copywriting.

Elements to look for in a newsletter template

Layout design

Determine what type of content you need to send to your audience before picking a layout. For example, if you are asking your users to hurry up by raising alarms that stock can soon vanish, then you can choose a single-column design. However, for demonstrating varieties or new launches, you may need a multi-column layout. While selecting any template, keep your mobile users in mind. That means if you go for more columns, don’t let it exceed beyond three. Otherwise, it may not look appealing on a mobile device. Another thing is, keep your content short and straightforward.


Images and logo have to be exceptional quality. For that, you may need a transparent backdrop and high resolution. Also, keep space between all the elements of your communication.

Call to action

Having too many buttons to click on a template can be harmful to your brand’s image. So, instead of including more than one, you can try to make your call-to-action button distinct. Leaving free space and using a slightly different color tone from the background can do the trick here.


Promotional email messages should be short and appealing. You can think in terms of product descriptions, sales offers, customer reviews for help.

The availability of free HTML email templates can be advantageous for you as you can explore all the options to find the most suitable one for your need.