Steps to ensure you purchase the right fuel card

With the right discount card for fuel and gas, you can now save over $1,000 per year. This works well for the fleet owner, small scale independent businessman and start-ups. So, all you need to do is to make sure you purchase the right one according to your needs and requirement. In the following section, our experts have listed all the important considerations that you need to take into account while buying business gas cards.

Choose the right card

Many fleet owners and businessmen go for the credit card options since these are quick, convenient and accepted anywhere in the world. But the fact of the matter remains every time you use your credit card to make a purchase of fuel you are overspending. The cost is usually around 5 cents more per gallon of fuel you buy. Moreover, you need to keep paying the interest fees when you use a credit card.

About the fuel cards

Fuel cards are cash-based options and they offer the low cash price on offer at specific refueling pumps. There is also additional discount pricing provided by the service provider. So it is a win-win scenario for you. Since you are required to buy in bulk, the option of a gas card provides you with huge savings in the long run.

The fuel card benefits

It is not just about the savings; with fuel cards, you can now achieve the following benefits as well:

Attractive rebates

Fuel is the greatest expense for an operational fleet and can account to around a third of the net expenditure. With a card, you can now save per gallon but the discount varies according to the service provider. So shop around to know the best deal and the terms and conditions of threshold fuel you need to purchase to qualify for the discount.

Tools that track, monitor and report

Fuel discount cards also come associated with many features that include live-time tracking of purchase, usage, refueling stops and spending. You can track the usage and mileage per truck per driver.

Ultimate control on expenses

You can ensure that the cards are used safely by your team by limiting the purchase type, amount and number of use on a per day basis.

About the acceptance

Not all cards are universally accepted. So you need to make sure you select the right one depending on the geographical area your fleet operates in.

Extra features

Some cards offer the user options to withdraw cash from the ATM, make money transfers and balance inquiries. Again, make sure that your card provider offers these services before making a choice.

Making a purchase concerning a fuel card is a very personal choice since it is after all your money. Look for a service provider with high repute, experience and ask for referrals. Ensuring the trust factor is important and for that, you need to do your homework before applying for a discount fuel card from a particular service provider.