Switch to Forklift-Free Work Environment with Industrial Cart Tuggers

Cart Tugger

If you are still using forklifts for material handling in your business, there are many problems you have to grapple with. These range from safety risks, high cost of operations, emissions which pose health risks and costly maintenance. While it might not be possible to completely eliminate forklifts from your factory floor, it is important to start assessing the benefits associated with industrial cart tuggers.

These are powered machines that help streamline the material handling process. If you have been wondering how you can revolutionize material handling operations in your business, it is time to appreciate what a powered cart tugger can do for you. Take a look:

  1. Enhancing Safety

The tug is considered safer for many reasons. For a start, you will never come across a serious tugger incident but in every business, you will hear about some horrible forklift accidents. This is because operating a forklift is tricky, especially in a tight space like most facilities have. Poor safety standards lead to low productivity because every accident causes lost hours. What’s more, you will be forced to deal with workers injury issues, which can bring down your business.

  1. Improved Productivity

A tugger does more work than a forklift and this is one reason to go for it as opposed to any other material handling technology. Your workers can tug lots of items at the same time and without breaking a sweat. This means more work will be done yet you don’t have to increase the personnel for this to happen.

  1. More Organized Working Area

An industrial tugger removes a lot of loading equipment form the factory floor. You don’t need several forklifts moving around the floor at any time because a tugger and trailer do the job. When the floor is neatly organized, more work is done and you will also have enhanced safety standards. It is easier to comply with the set safety standards.

  1. Flexibility

The tugger and trailer concept is very effective, especially when you have different products you need transported within the facility. This is a flexible material handling solution that is able to carry loads of all sizes and shapes. In the case of a forklift, it is not possible to mix such items on one load. A tugger and trailer allows for innovative loading and transportation.

  1. Cost Benefits

The cost of doing business is going up every other day and as such, you need to look for creative ideas to help you save money. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in an industrial tugger from a reputable brand. These machines can be operated by anyone because they don’t need specialized training to operate. You will save a lot on money that you would have been used in hiring forklift operators.

There are many other reasons to invest in this innovative material handling solution. Ultimately, you will save money, improve efficiency and productivity in your operations, enhance safety and comply with safety regulations. The tugger can be used in any busy industrial environment and you can choose from among many designs and styles in the market.