The Weirdest Things You Can Do With a Bathroom Towel

There are a lot of products that have been invented over the years to assist people in their daily lives. Some need to be used just once or twice but could change your life forever while others may not be as useful at all. I can’t say if these items like Bathroom Towel will actually help people but they should give you a good laugh from time to time.

Here is our list of some weirdest things you can do with a bathroom towel! Enjoy!

1) Create a Robe / Dress Out Of Bathroom Towel

Getting ready for work in the morning becomes an even bigger hassle when it’s raining outside. You don’t want to get anything inside your car wet so putting on a wet jacket is out of the question. All you have left in the house is your old, sweaty towel from last night. What can you do with it?

2) Use Two Bathroom Towels

To Create a Bag When camping and traveling (which we assume it’s pretty much the same thing if you’re going out into nature for a while), carrying things around can be very cumbersome and not easy on your back either. Rather than using two towels full time, why not make a bag that wet towels fit into perfectly? It’s creative thinking like this that could save your butt.

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom towels need to be a certain size and weight? Why not make them smaller or bigger, or fluffier or thinner? You would soon realize that there are reasons for such specifications.

What if I told you that there is a way to use the bathroom towel in ways that it wasn’t designed for? Would you believe me? Well, let me tell you something: There’s one very weird trick that will allow you to do just that! Read on and find out how…

What You Need To Follow This Trick: A Bathroom Towel and a Lawn Bowl Noodle (or any other long cylindrical object)

How to Do the Trick:

Take the bathroom towel and fold it in half, so you get double its length. Now, take your lawn bowl noodle (or any other long cylindrical object) and stick it into the folded end of the towel. Make sure to leave enough towels at the end that you can grab onto. Slowly start rolling up this strange-looking tube until you reach the other end of the towel. You may need another person to help you with this task or use some sort of support to make sure that everything stays tightly rolled together while you are moving forward. Alternatively, if there is no one else around but you want to try this crazy trick out anyway, ask somebody through a chat service like Skype if they’d be willing to help you out.

If you did it right, the rolled-up towel will stay in place while you are moving around or doing some other physical activities. Not only that but it will also look like a really strange tail attached to your backside! If the towel is too long for your body type, simply cut off an excess piece beforehand.

Try creating different animals with the method I described above. For example, making a bear-shaped tube with two round ends can be achieved by rolling up two towels and sticking them together at both sides of one end (see image below). There are countless ways of turning this trick into something fun like an octopus, a frog or even a swordfish. It’s all about using your imagination!

Maybe you’ve seen some of these strange figures on your travels. Some people like to play with them at the beach or in swimming pools. They are really easy to make and bring along anywhere you go (provided it stays attached to your body). Not only that but for most children they’re great fun. Especially when used as a diving board for jumps into deep water (but be careful not to hit any rocks or other submerged objects!). For older kids under about 8 years old, they can also be used as toys for pretend play (e.g., pretending they are dolphins or sharks).

It’s up to you how creative you want to be with this trick. I would suggest practicing first by yourself. So that nothing goes wrong when you use your new pool toy with other people. As long as you follow common sense and don’t do anything dangerous, the only limit is your imagination!


I really hope that you’ll enjoy trying this trick out soon and enter a world full of possibilities. For using your towel in ways it wasn’t originally designed for. Of course, this pool toy can also be used as intended. As an actual towel to dry yourself off with after swimming sessions. Don’t forget that part either as it’s just as important if not more so as the fun side of things!