Top 2021 Business Management Software Suggested by Eric J Dalius to Ease off Your Operations

Irrespective of the industry and also the size of a business, there will always be many activities to ensure the same smooth run. Eric J Dalius says it may be very challenging for those who administer the business to handle many things without getting chaotic. So, most businesses find it sensible to invest in business management software to get their things done with advanced technological assistance.

Business management software is applications or tools and also that help a business automate, support, and also improve operational processes. Compared to doing all these chores manually, technology tools will help eliminate errors, complete business tasks, and also report activities with increased efficiency.

Types of business management software

Choosing business management or project management software is not an easy task as there are plenty of available choices. Here are some common types of business management tools available.

  • Asset management software
  • Invoicing software
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management software
  • Business database management software
  • Human resources management software
  • Word processing software etc.

Eric J Dalius suggests top business management software

Next, let us have a quick overview of the top suggested business management software available now.


It is a combination of many features you may need also to run your business. You can use it to streamline the processes, store files, share files, and also feedback, etc. It features a mobile version too for Android and iOS users and also:

  • Gantt charts for project tracking
  • Dynamic reporting for better insight
  • Task-based time tracker

This software can be used for various business management types as consultants, small businesses, freelancers, agency management, and also so on. is a very simple software focusing on executing things in an automated way. It helps to bring all project management and also customer management tasks under one roof. Major features are:

  • Friendly user interface
  • Real-time updates
  • Focused communication
  • Time tracking
  • Bill and also sync tasks with calendar.


It is a one-stop solution suggested by Eric J Dalius for various business needs to manage employees, clients, vendors, and also partners in one place. Some attractive features of StudioCloud are:

  • Preparation and also sharing of professional invoices
  • Sending personalized emails and also automated texts
  • Client reviews and contract signing online
  • Customizable user interface

Zoho One

Zoho One is a complete business management suite with around forty business apps. You can connect different apps meant for different teams and also work more collaboratively and also productively. Major features of Zoho One are:

  • Manage all business aspects under one system.
  • Collaborative online storage and also sharing of documents.
  • Automate business workflows


Time tracking is very important in business, and also Timely can streamline the same therefore by automatically recording everything that your team does. This makes your time management more efficient and also can also help to improve the invoicing and also reporting precision. Top features of Timely include:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Real-time dashboard for project management
  • Client-friendly advanced reporting
  • Capacity planning and also hourly rate management.

If you are searching for more business management tools, you may try out Scoro,, Odoo, Netsuite, Timecamp, Bitrix24, Apptivo, HoneyBook, Atlassian JIRA, Trello, Favro, etc.