Traveling Exotic Destinations in Style

Packing for vacation is always a bit stressful, but when you’re traveling to a distant exotic destination, you might find yourself completely baffled when it comes to packing! The weather, resort dress code and various activities all require appropriate clothing that will make you feel comfortable and look stylish. So, what do you put in your suitcase? Here are a few must-have items that will allow you to travel your exotic destination in style.

Casual resort wear

If you’re traveling to exotic destinations, there’s a big chance you’ll be staying in a resort. These resorts often have certain dress codes you might want to keep in mind so that you don’t stand out in a negative way. For a casual stroll around the area, it’s best to opt for resort casual or informal style—like something you would wear to your hometown café or trendy lunch spot. So, think comfy jeans, capris or shorts with a classic polo. Tennis shoes or kicks are more than acceptable with this kind of highly casual look.

Afternoon chic

For an afternoon outing, you might opt for something a bit more stylish, like long breezy dresses in floral and light fabrics. Luckily, you can find these dresses all over sales racks and you’re bound to fall in love with their flattering, flamenco-inspired silhouette. If you just put on a fresh tan, accentuate it with pastel colors that are perfect for the summer. Pair your dress with a pair of trendy sandals in a neutral shade which will perfectly complement your look. Plus, they are not only highly stylish but also super comfy for afternoon walks along the beach!

Evening resort attire

Some resorts and hotels have a dress code that orders more formal wear in the evenings when you’re going to grab dinner or watch entertainment. While guys can choose dress shorts and a polo (or any other collared shirt), women typically wear a dress or a blouse paired with slacks or a skirt. Elegant sandals are once again a great choice, but you can also opt for close-toed shoes. Flip-flops are a big no-no—you might be refused service in footwear that casual.

Clothing for activities

Even though most people choose to stay in their resort and enjoy the beach, some more adventurous travelers might want to see what else their destination offers. For instance, if you love to go in nature exploration trips, you will need a pair of quality hiking shoes, some running shorts, and casual t-shirts or tank tops. These are perfect for all sorts of activities and will keep you comfortable, safe and cool on your adventures.

Bikini coverup

Stylish bikini coverup is an essential piece of hotel-to-beach wear. Tropical floral rompers and coverup dresses are a great solution. Choose something with a plunging neckline to match your bikini top or monokini. That combo is very chic yet casual for a stroll around town or a quick cup of coffee after a good swim. Accompany your look with a pair of accent sunglasses and neutral-colored sandals. These pieces will take up minimal space in your luggage and you’re going to use them to the max thanks to their versatility.

Something warm and cozy

Exotic vacations usually have very warm days, but evenings can often be chilly with unpredictable rainfalls and tropical storms. Even if your forecast only shows sunshine and warm temperatures, make sure to pack a raincoat and a light sweater just in case. Hopefully, you’ll never get to use them!

These outfits will keep you prepared for any possible exotic vacation scenario and dress code and allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest while looking like a million bucks. Pro tip: pack a few of these clothing pieces in your carry on luggage in case your airline loses your suitcase!