Uganda Weightlifter Found After Disappearing In Tokyo Olympics 2021

Julius Ssekitoleko, a 20-year-old Uganda weightlifter disappeared from the Ugandan team’s training camp located in Izumisano in Osaka after he failed to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. He got arrest after returning home and has been keeping under detention without any charges.

Julius did not qualify for the Olympics, so he shouldn’t have been in the training camp, but it is still not know how he reaches the training camp even after not qualifying in the Olympics. However, of returning to Uganda after failing, he flies away and was tracking down by the police after few days. Police reported that Julius went to Nagoya in central Japan, then to Gifu, and after that, he moved to Mie. After being caught, he gets to return to Uganda. Where he was being taken under police custody but no charges imposing upon him. 

Uganda Weightlifter-Tokyo Olympics 2021

The founder and managing partner of Wameli & Co. the legal agency representing Julius, Anthony Wameli. And saying that an application for Julius’ unconditional release has been file in court. Wameli said that this detention of Julius is completely illegal. He further added that such illegal detentions lacking clear justifications are common in Uganda. He also said that high authorities tend to misuse their powers. 

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has been repeatedly getting accuse by the Right Group for arresting and detaining people and keeping them under custody for long periods without any clear justifications and access to free trials. 

Wameli said there are possibilities for Julius to face charges but he is still not properly making aware of any such potential charges. Also, the Uganda Police and the Government did not take any immediate action in response to a request for comment.

The Spokesperson of the Ugandan Police Force, Charles Twiine addressing the news reporters said that the officials are still investigating how Julius reached Japan even after failing to qualify. Charles added that there is a high possibility of fraud of airlifting a person knowing the fact that he has not qualified in the Olympics. He also said that it is still unclear whether Julius was a part of the fraud or not. Twiine also said, after interrogating Julius, the latter said he became very frustrated at his failure to qualify in the Tokyo Olympics. Twiine said, Julius, has competed in the 56-kg category weightlifting. And has represented Uganda in many competitions previously, including one in Australia. But at this failure, his dreams were completely shattering. 


Wameli said that Julius’ family has been visiting him. But the authorities are not paying heed to their pleas for releasing Julius. Julius has been very distressing and he is waiting to know whether he would be releasing or not. 

To support Julius and for his speedy release, many people have joined hands to show their support using Twitter. They have been using #StandWithSsekitoleko in this Twitter campaign.

A Presidential candidate in Uganda’s election, Henry Tumukunde tweets that Julius is to be given a second chance. He also said that guidance and environment are a must need for true talent to flourish.