What are Zebra Shades, and Why Everyone Should Have It

Zebra shades are a modern substitute for an age-old horizontal blind. They are known as roller shades that help you to transit between sheer and privacy. They come in various styles and different options. Such shades are a great addition to one’s house. It is among the biggest trends when it comes to blinds and decorating the windows of your house. People sometimes refer to them as Layered, Banded, or Dual shade. Zebra shades are a contemporary window treatment for your house. The shade offers you light control along with the soft style of fabric.

Dynamic Design

There are different kinds of homes with different styles, but because of the dynamic design of the zebra shades, they can go with any house. Zebra designs can give any house a modern contemporary look. They are transitional and can get in sync with both traditional as well as contemporary styles of houses.

With the help of these zebra shades, one can easily adjust the level of natural light. Similar to roller shades, they allow little light to be in the room. It is easily adjustable and is a great addition to one’s living or bedroom.

Workings of Zebra Shades

Zebra Shades work with the help of a side chain. The chain helps you operate the blinds so one can see through the stripes and help you to adjust it as per your convenience. The bottom railing of the shades and side chain will be of the same color. They come with motorization as well-meaning one does not need to always go with the side chain. If the Zebra shades are for larger windows, motorization is quite helpful. With the help of motorization, you can operate them from anywhere, even simultaneously or individually. It is one of the best features, especially when having guests; it saves time.

Benefits of Zebra Shades

Apart from dynamic design, versatility, and motorization, it has other features that benefit zebra shades. Some of the benefits are-

  • Fabrics- Zebra designs come in different shades and varieties of design and fabric. One can easily choose between the colors and design depending upon the taste. One can go with bold colors or with bright hues, or if you want to keep it neutral. Many options are available for people to pick as per the design of the house and the taste.
  • Interior Safety- the house where one will spend their life has to have a great look for the years to come. To make your house look great and protect it from sunlight, zebra shade blinds are the best option.


Apart from all the benefits, the Zebra shade blinds help protect children from different insects and are best for nurseries and playrooms. They help you to maintain your privacy as well as one can easily operate them. If you have been wondering all these while what are zebra shades; here is your answer. They can be availed at the most affordable prices. But make sure you get in touch with an authentic store online.