What do you need To Know About Getting an Electrician License?


An electrician is defined in the Illinois Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices Act, 410 ILCS 75/1.3, as “a person who either: (f) engages in or controls electrical work that alters, changes, repowers, or re-establishes the energization of circuits and equipment.”

  • According to Section 7 of this law, electrical work is defined as “the installation of electrical wiring and apparatus for all voltages exceeding 30 volts and all uses except construction lighting systems not exceeding 1000 watts or 480 volts”. The Act also requires master and journeyman electricians to be licensed by the ICC. As of October 1st, 2014, you must be certified if your job requires it.
  • IL does not have separate licenses for Journeyman, Master, or residential. They are all covered under one license.
  • Exams to obtain an Electrical Contractor’s License are offer by the ICC on a quarterly basis at four testing centers throughout Illinois, located in Chicago, Springfield, Carbondale, and Marion.
  • The first step is to take the pre-qualifying exam given by Pearson VUE. This exam is require for you to become registere to take the actual contractor’s examination which will be administer by the ICC. You must then fill out Form ETA 90 35E (the application for licensure). On this form you lost your business name, address and phone number as well as any additional locations where you may perform electrical work; you will also need to list your master electricians license number (if you have one), journeyman electrician’s license number (if you have one) and the name of any business or company who employs you as an electrician. You may be required to complete the Verification of Business Experience form (Form ETA 90 35A). Once this information is verified, completed and submitted with a non-refundable fee; you will then receive a notice from the ICC that will contain additional information on where and when to take your exam.
  • It is important that applicants study for these exams. If an individual fails four times they must wait a full year before re-taking it again. However, if an individual passes both portions of the examination and fails to receive a license within four months, they must re-take and pass both portions of the examination again.
  • Applicants need not be citizens of the U.S. for licensure; however, proper documentation will be require by the ICC upon request if citizenship status has change. During the application process or at any time after licensing is receive (Form ETA 90 13).
  • Once you have obtained your Journeyman’s electrician’s license you may seek employment with a master electrician until such time as you decide to become an employer yourself. Then you must apply for your master electrician’s license. In order to hire journeymen electricians to work on jobs that are worth more than $6000 or do work on their own without being employe.
  • Once you have obtained your Master’s electrician’s license you are free to hire journeymen electricians. To work on jobs that are worth more than $6000 or do work on their own without being employe.
  • The ICC also offers an Affidavit for Persons who complete the military service requirement (Form ETA 90 12). This form must be submit within four months of completing the require service. In order to take advantage of the grace period; if not, applicants may make an application but will be subject to all provisions and requirements. In effect at the time they apply (including fees). Military experience earned while licensed as an electrician in another state is acceptable. Provided that it equals or exceeds 185 days of experience. It should also be note that no more than two years of military service credit may apply. Towards the apprenticeship requirements.
  • The cost for a contractor’s license is as follows: Journeyman License- $125 Master License- $125 Master with Journeyman License- $200 Additional Locations on the same license- $75/location Electrical Contractor’s license is valid for 2 years from the date issued and must be renewed prior to expiration. In order to do this, you will need to fill out Form ETA 90 25E. Which is an application for renewal. Submit it with a non-refundable fee of $95 and provide proof that you have completed. Continuing education hours during your two-year term.
  • As stated earlier in this article the prequalifying given by Pearson. VUE has given applicants an option of taking the Business Management or Law portion of the examination. However, this is not available for journeyman electrician’s license examinations at this time.


If you have obtained your journeyman’s electrician’s license, do not neglect to obtain the master’s as well. A master electrician is a person that is file and responsible for his or her work. As well as those who are under their employ. An individual must take this responsibility seriously and be willing to put forth adequate time, effort, and respect towards it.

If you have not yet obtained your journeyman’s electrician’s license. The ICC has a wealth of information to help you achieve this. Check out their website at www.iccfi.org for more information and guidance. On how to become a licensed Journeyman Electrician or Master Electrician!