Why is a bulletin board the best investment you will make for your class

Wallpaper peeling off old walls? Discolored patches of paint? Predictable classroom décor? One easy solution to all these problems is a smartly placed bulletin board of the correct size. That is the fun part about utterly customizable bulletin boards. You can buy them in different dimensions and deck them up on any occasion. They are suitable for adult education classes and toddler’s room decoration alike. Depending on the theme you pick, you can make it ideal for any room, wall, event, and age.

What are the points you should remember before unleashing the DIY-rock star in you?

Buying the supplies, you need for making the board is neither difficult nor expensive. We would suggest you forego the monochrome butcher paper most early-day classrooms had and go with something more creative. You can choose from a score of vibrant, fade proof and moisture-proof bulletin board background covers. Depending on the color of the background, you can either select to keep the borders bare wood or decorate them with ready-to-use bulletin board borders. Choose a solid background for the bulletin board boards, since they will determine the longevity of the entire project. Some teachers prefer to use fabric instead of paper since cloth is tear-proof, washable and you can staple images on the board at the same place multiple times. The only persistent problem with fabric is it wrinkles over time, but you can always iron it out.

What can you display on the board?

Depending on the theme of your bulletin board, you can go with new words, alphabets, numbers, word associations, colors, and mathematics. Achievement boards are great for little kids and adolescents alike. Keeping a list of the honor students, encouraging the ones with extracurricular achievements, recent winners of quizzes and debates up on the wall boosts the morale of a team or class. Apart from these regular bulletin board ideas, there are plenty of other ideas online you can check out for your classroom.

A great bulletin board idea can change the upcoming academic year

Research shows that bulletin boards help in promoting interest in learning among the students. Apart from helping them with colorful visuals, the content of these boards can provide them with updated knowledge about a lot of latest events from around the world. You can turn your bulletin board into a window for the pupils into specific eras of history, particular epochs of evolution or different regions of the country. There is no better way to help these kids remember the name of all the presidents, the name of all the states and the critical dates and events throughout history than putting them up on a board. The images, colors, and positions help children remember the details better than reading text off a book.

Why should you think about getting a bulletin board for your classroom?

You can turn your bulletin board making into a class project, where each child can contribute to at least one element on the board. Assign extra credits if you like to boost high-quality contributions from each kid. In short, your bulletin board cum notice board can become a lot more than just another board on the wall of your classroom.