Working Mom Secrets: 6 Ways To Keep Your House Clean & Fashionable

House clean

Isn’t the sight of a messy house disturbing? Don’t you feel like it shouts lazy and class-less? True, but sometimes, your house may be in that dire state because of all the responsibilities placed on your shoulders. However, the secrets unveiled below will leave your house cleaner and organized at all times:

  1. Organizing paper

How often do you visit your friends and you end up admiring their neat bookshelves and study? Do you know that your house can look that organized too? For starters, file all the papers in an orderly fashion. Get files for bills, children school reports, menus, and coupons. By filing away paper immediately they come in, your house will end up being neat.

  1. Stop hoarding

Do you need everything that you have ever purchased in your house? Unfortunately, the answer to this question, particularly for your cluttered and disorganized house is no. You will realize that you do not need all the items in your closet in the living room.

Giving away or keeping the unnecessary items away in a storage container or even selling the extras will result in a cleaner and a spacious house. The common denominator in all the posh houses you adore or envy is the absence of clutter. Stop buying what you do not need.

  1. Put your clothes and shoes away

One character exhibited by people living in organized houses is the habit of putting things away once you are done using them or when you aren’t using them. You are a busy mom, which is understandable, but putting away the toys when the children are asleep, and putting away coats and shoes when you get home will leave you with an organized house.

Get into the habit of putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket and the clean ones in their appropriate places in the closet.

  1. Dust and vacuum regularly

Even when your house looks clean, it isn’t. There is dust that accumulated in the house slowly, and immediately after cleaning. Make it a habit to have your place vacuumed weekly. This gets rid of the high expenses associated with major vacuuming in a month or two.

Cleaning servicesinclude mopping, dusting, and vacuuming services. Instead of burning yourself out, you should engage these experts who will respond to you and avail their cleaning personnel within a short time.

  1. Clean after yourself

Besides putting things away after use, you should get always clean dishes or put themin the dishwasher after eating. You should also wipe surfaces after using. This means cleaning the cooker, the fridge, cooking utensils, and the floor. This will save time and keep your house sparkling always.

  1. Organized storage

First, you should have enough space to store all items in your house. Your bed isn’t your storage box, and neither is that lone chair at the corner. Have enough storage space for clothes, beddings, toys, shoes, etc.

There are several space-saving interior designs with allowance for sufficient storage in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and the study. You should also come up with a system for storage and teach your children or spouse to follow the stipulated order.

In conclusion, fancy and organized houses aren’t built that way, they take a lot of time, effort, and discipline. Simple habits like shopping for necessities only, keeping things away after use, respecting other people’s spaces, and having a reasonable number of beddings and pillows will keep your house neat and fashionable. DIY interior decorations and remodeling can give your house a facelift. Ask your kids to help paint over the weekend or change the color of your curtains.

Finally, always spread your bed.