Arizona, Florida, and Texas hold reopening plans the US records the highest daily coronavirus

The US recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in a single day on Thursday, June 25, as it touched the 40,000 marks as revealed by John Hopkins University (JHU). This has forced the states of Arizona, Florida, and also Texas to put on hold the reopening plans. On Friday, the Texas governor announced targeted measures. To bring down infections and also order the closure of bars while Florida prohibited alcohol consumption at its bars. The previous highest number of infections of 36,000 was on April 25, when testing was less, as per the records of JHU. The US has 2.4 million confirmed cases and 122,370 deaths, which is the highest in the world. Although the increase in testing is a likely cause for some of the daily cases. The rate of positive tests in some areas is also increasing.

Actual numbers could be higher

The US health officials estimate that the reported figures are at least ten times lower than the true number of cases. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates the coronavirus infection may have affected up to 20 million Americans. The inference is based on the results of the blood samples tested across the country. For the presence of antibodies to the virus. According to Dr. Robert Redfield, head of the CDC, young people who test positive drive the surge in cases. The Trump administration has emphasized that the situation is stabilizing across the US.

The worst-hit states

Texas that was at the forefront of the moves to curb lockdown measures. Has been the worst-hit state as thousands of new cases emerged that forced Republican Governor Greg Abbot. To temporarily halt its reopening on Friday. He has ordered the closing of bars, restaurants to operate with 50% capacity, and also stopped river rafting to arrest the outbreak. Ascertain types of activities are driving the surge in cases, the actions taken should be effective. Texas recorded 5996 cases on Thursday and also 47 deaths that were the highest daily toll in a month. Vice President Mike Pence confirmed White House’s support for the decision taken by Texas.

Florida, too broke its own record of daily infections on Friday by reporting 8,942, a steep rise from the previous record of 5,508 cases reported on Wednesday.  Until now, the state has a total of 1,22,960 cases recorded and also 3,366 deaths. The state administration announced the prohibition of alcohol consumption in bars. But it is unclear how the order will affect restaurants that serve alcohol. 

Arizona is another state that has become the epicenter of the crisis.  As reported by Washington Post, Governor Doug Ducey. Who was in favor of reopening businesses, is now considering that the home is a safer place for the people of Arizona. However, he considers the situation like waiting at the yellow light. Which tells people to proceed with caution by looking at both sides and also then moving slowly.

An increase in the number of confirmed cases was reported this week from California, Alabama, Idaho. Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nevada, South Carolina, and also Wyoming too.