COVID-19 impacts on New York City – The crucial lessons learned

The global pandemic has been equally harsh on every lessons country globally! Even a month back, the medical condition in the U.S wasn’t as critical as it is today. Today, the entire U.S. society and the medical clinics, hospitals got converted as the treatment chambers for the COVID-19. The busy streets of New York City, today is silent. And also the hospitals are resounding with sounds of doctors moving from one room to the other treating their patients. The hospitals also echo the pain and also trauma of family members watching their loved ones get admitted to ICUs, sometimes only to hear that they couldn’t bounce back to life! Today, fighting for life from this deadly virus has become more critical in New York City.

The public hospital scenes

New York’s public hospitals have had the trajectory to fight cholera, Ebola, AIDS, and also other critical ailments. But the prior experiences don’t provide any reference point to the doctors to treat the COVID-19 positive patients. And also while the city is trying to heal and treat patients to their best capacities, they are also having realizations, as valuable lessons learned.

The public health care delivery gets intertwined.

New York City is lucky to have access to advanced treatment. The connection between public health and also health care delivery always has been essential for environmental and policy approaches to standard clinical care. However, the pandemic got this into focus and also relief. Social distancing and its efficacy get translated directed to the sick patient count in the ICUs and the emergency departments.

The medical professionals and also other clinical experts have shared an open letter with the New Yorkers. They have requested them to stay inside their house as much as possible. Residents should only step out of the house, should they have to make any necessary grocery supply. Such extreme isolation is challenging. But until people follow this, recovery isn’t possible. Right now, New Yorkers need to co-operate with social distancing, so that they can flatten the pandemic curve.

The other essential lesson learned here is this – there should be a proper collaboration between health care and also health facilities. It will ensure that the COVID-19 policies consider the caregivers’ and also worker’s crises. For instance, after closing the city schools, New York City had come up with enrichment centers. Here the children of the first responders could stay all through the day and make it easy for their parents to carry on with their job at hand.

The clinician approaches

The attempts to flatten the pandemic curve and also others often overlook the essential morale of the situation. Just in case the medical fraternity and the clinic workers lose their motivation and also trust, the health care system would shrink and also collapse, regardless of the number of available beds. The leaders are accountable for the ample supply of ventilators, medicines, and also N95 masks. Also, leaders lessons should take on the responsibility to motivate the doctors and also provide them the necessary security to carry on with this mammoth task at hand.

One of the major realizations that New York City, its residents, leaders, and medical fraternity needs to have, that everyone has to work collectively. Working in isolation will not yield the best results in treating patients back to normalcy.