Did Victoria Beckham Discover the Fountain of Youth Through Cosmetic Surgery Treatments?

Victoria Beckham is one of the few celebrities who have managed to battle the effects of aging successfully through cosmetic surgeries. You can read more about age-defying celebrity cosmetic surgeries. Through quite a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, Victoria Beckham has managed to retain a classic beauty that many women at her age envy.

Numerous celebrities often deny having had cosmetic surgery yet the changes on their body tell a different tale. Although Victoria Beckham has not categorically expressed the kind of cosmetic surgeries she has undergone, she does openly admit to having had cosmetic treatments on her body, particularly her boobs.

Victoria Beckham’s claim to fame began when she was a member of the popular all-girl band, The Spice Girls. Victoria later tried her hand at a solo music career, which was not quite as successful, and she eventually left the music business.  Victoria boldly decided to concentrate on fashion, which turned out to be the perfect niche for her as she has developed her own fashion brand, written two books and appeared in quite a number of television series and interviews. Other than being a great businesswoman, Victoria Beckham is married to one of the best soccer players of all time, David Beckham, and they have four children. Talk about the power couple of the century!

Experts suspect that Victoria Beckham has had Botox injections due to her super soft and wrinkle-free facial skin, but her boob job is quite obvious. The smooth, wrinkle-free skin could be attributed to facial treatments like fraxel laser that eliminates wrinkles and makes the skin appear flawless. Victoria Beckham has also been rumored to have undergone Rhinoplasty. Before the nose surgery, she had a bulbous nose, which has seemingly shrunk over the years to a thinner and pointier tip that absolutely complements her flawless face.

Confirming Boob Job Rumors

For the longest time, Mrs. Beckham had refuted claims that she had breast implants saying that her body was all-natural, but her evidently inflated chest spilled the beans. At first, she claimed that the inflated look was due to her push up bras and support tape in her clothes. Eventually, Mrs. Beckham confessed that she had undergone breast augmentation in London to change her boob size from a 34A cup to a 34DD cup after the birth of her first son.

However, Mrs. Beckham was not satisfied with the boob job. She admitted that looking at pictures of her inflated chest made her cringe. She eventually had the procedure reversed to her normal breast size. However, comparing photos of Victoria Beckham in her Spice Girl days and today, there are still visible tell-tale signs that she may have had some modifications to her bosom. As a style and fashion icon, Victoria Beckham looks amazing and her impeccable sense of style sells her brand perfectly. Many women today look up to her and would probably want the number to her cosmetic surgery clinic too!