Don’t you agree that Blake Lively’s Nose Job has made Her Prettier?

We all understand the need for celebrities to maintain a public image that sells and that has been no different for Blake Lively, who has been on the acting scene since the age of ten. Her choice of plastic surgery; Talking of a nose job! You can check out a few other celebrities who have had nose jobs.

Blake Lively, born Blake Ellender Brown is an American actress most famed for her role as ‘Serena’ in the hit TV drama series Gossip Girl and most recently as Adeline in The Age of Adeline. Before Gossip Girl, Blake had starred in a few films but these didn’t bring her into the limelight as much as her role as Serena did. Blake Lively got married back in 2012 to Ryan Reynolds, whom she met while shooting the filmGreen Lantern, in which she also starred.

You do not have to look at Blakemeticulously to notice the changes since they are quite obviously visible and the paparazzi had a field day when rumors of her plastic surgery first arose. If you have always been a fan of hers, or you look closely at her before-and-after pictures, it is quite easy to tell that she has gone under the knife. There is no doubt that she was a beautiful girl even before the plastic surgery but there were a few noticeable flaws.

A nose job or Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that changes the appearance of the nose by getting rid of the bumps caused by excess cartilage along the nose ridge, making the ridge narrower and changing the tip of the nose. Most women often undergo Rhinoplasty to change the width and tip of the noses to enhance their other facial features. A good plastic surgeon can do an amazing job as long as the new look that you choose suits your face.

Lively’s cosmetic surgery has completely changed the frame of her nose from a wide ridge and rounded tip to a narrower one with a pointier tip. This has completely transformed her appearance. We are not sure if she got corrective surgery on her eyes too but they do seem bigger after the nose job. Maybe it is just a plus on the nose job because she definitely looks prettier now that the smaller nose brings out her eyes.

Blake Lively has also been rumored to have had a boob job or breast augmentation. Although she has blatantly refuted claims of having gone under the knife, it is pretty obvious that the surgeries have given her more sophisticated, sexy and head-turning physique that has led her to become a widely recognized fashion and beauty icon. The combination of tasteful procedures has also landed her better roles and we can say that her career on the big screens has only just begun. Her plastic surgery is an inspiration for her admirers who want to achieve the same goals of self-improvement and boost their self-confidence.