Hot Celebrities Pompous about their Breast Implants

There are Hollywood celebs who feel proud of their boob job. These women never shy away from the fact that they have been under the knife for flaunting their super sexy and big boobs. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame tops the list and is candid and honest about her booby job. We all know how Pamela looks super hot with her fake boobs. Besides Anderson, other celebrities who had breast implants include Carmen Electra, Dolly Parton, Anna Faris, and Jenny McCarthy, who are extremely honest about their breast implants.  Women are opting for huge breast lifts to fluff up their boobs and make them look fuller.



Pamela Anderson

Pamela has been quite candid about her boob job and she feels proud of her assets. Though people tell her to rediscover herself, she thinks it is a development. Anderson is genuine except she has fake boobs. She increased her cup size to DD. Besides being a sensation in Baywatch, she acted in several films including Raw Justice, Barb Wire, Blonde and Blonder, The Taking of Beverly Hills, Scary Movie 3, Naked Souls, and more.

She is bold and sexy and she proved that when she exposed her big boobs at 50, stripping topless and flaunting her butt in lingerie. However, Pamela maintained her reserve by putting her arms in a cross position, allowing her hair to fall across her pretty face.



Jenny McCarthy

Jenny is quite open and honest about her big breast implant, often cracking jokes about her big boobs. She looks super hot and sexy, desirable to many men. She had many boyfriends and breakups. McCarthy began dating Donald Edmond Wahlberg, who is a songwriter, singer, actor, and film producer from the US. Did you know that Jenny also dated Jim Carrey from 2005 to 2010? There are other men seen with Jenny, including John Mallory Asher, Ivan Sergei, and Ray Manzella. However, with Ivan, Jenny was alleged to have been together.

Her best movies include Dirty Love, Scream 3, John Tucker Must Die, Santa Baby, Scary Movie 3, Diamonds, The Stupids, and more.



Carmen Electra

Besides Pamela Anderson, Carmen is another hot and sizzling beauty of Baywatch fame and increased her boob size to DD. She is an American actress, model, singer, dancer, and TV personality. Carmen began her career as a singer when she moved to Minneapolis in Minnesota. There she met became acquainted with Prince, who was the person to produce Carmen’s debut record.

Carmen after some time moved to Los Angeles in California to try her luck as an actress. She became a craze in the popular TV show Baywatch for a naughty role as Lani McKenzie in the series.

She also made her debut in the horror-comedy movie American Vampire. She also bagged roles in several parody films and that includes Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

Final words

So you see how these Hollywood celebs are open about their boob job. They are not only hot and sexy but also made their mark in films.