Robert Trosten Recommends Some of the Best Business Intelligence Tools

You have access to numerous business intelligence tools today if you are thinking of implementing one or more of them. We know that business intelligence tools help you in understanding trends and also even in deriving valuable insights from data that is readily available to you so that you could come up with strategic and also tactical business decisions. We understand that with abundant data at your disposal, it is becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on relevant information about your issues and also problems and to present the data in an actionable manner.

As per, with time, business intelligence has revolutionized the manner in which we are used to doing business. Today BI has come up with countless information coming from a host of data sources and also adversely affecting diverse industries eventually in the process. The capability of analyzing this valuable data in real-time could facilitate businesses to come up with business intelligence decisions well in advance that caters to the unique requirements of their customers through strategic and also innovative solutions.  Robert Trosten firmly believes that Business Intelligence tools provide critical insights for achieving growth, resolving urgent issues, collecting all your data, forecasting future outcomes, etc.

Oracle BI: Recommendation 1 by Robert Trosten

Oracle BI is known to be an enterprise portfolio or suite of technology. And also application solutions for delivering role-based. Intuitive intelligence across an organization. This technology provides users a comprehensive assortment of literally all BI capabilities. And also may include proactive intelligence, dashboards, ad hoc, alerts, and even more. Oracle BI is just right for organizations that require analyzing humungous volumes of data.

Oracle BI is truly a robust solution that is great for enabling businesses to obtain more insight and also a boost in value from a spectrum of data. Sources such as Oracle Fusion Cloud along with E-Business Suite, Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and also other third-party systems. Known to be the no.1 in BI platforms.

Domo: Recommendation 2 by Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

Domo is known to be a comprehensive cloud-based BI platform that is multiple data sources. And also that may include databases, spreadsheets, and social media. This versatile and also powerful BI platform offers macro and micro-level analyses and visibility.

IBM Cognos Analytics: Recommendation 3 by Robert Trosten

Cognos Analytics is known to be an Artificial Intelligence-powered business intelligence platform and is effective in supporting the complete analytical cycle right from discovery to precisely the operational stages. Cognos enables you to visualize, effectively analyze, and even share with all your colleagues, actionable insight relating to your data.

SAP Business Intelligence: Recommendation 4 by Robert Trosten

SAP Business Intelligence comes up with a plethora of advanced analytics solutions. And also that may include machine learning, real-time Business Intelligence predictive analytics, and also planning & analysis. We understand that SAP is powerful and also versatile software. That offers a host of functionalities in just a single platform.


BI tools are comprehensive, versatile, and powerful platforms and also they are great for providing tons of useful information and also valuable data relating to your business’s overall performance.