Smart Travel Plans to Make the Most of Your Golf Holiday

Golf Holiday

Golf has become a truly popular sport today. From perfectly-matched attires to expensive equipment, golf has always been regarded as the sport of leisure and luxury. The rich and the famous indulge in golf while many people whether pro or amateur love to enjoy a golf holiday in their favorite destination occasionally. The idea of taking off for a relaxing and entertaining golf vacation abroad could be pretty enticing. However, you need to do some smart planning for your golfing holiday to make it a grand success. Here are some clever travel plans that you must incorporate while planning your golf holiday.

Always Choose New Courses & Resorts

Do not ruin your golfing trip by playing on a poor quality course, which seems to be nothing more than a bumpy cow pasture. The most effective way of making sure that you would be getting a top quality and fulfilling golfing experience is to pick a brand new venue if you are not opting for the championship venues such as Kiawah Island located in South Carolina. As new clubs desperately require establishing goodwill and reputation in the market amidst thousands of competitors, you would be getting the best deals. If you are keen on a specific golf course, you must email or call well in advance. Do not forget to ask precisely what sort of condition the courses would be during the time you are planning to visit.

Choose Well-Known Golf Holiday Destinations & Courses

Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Mission Hills or even Dubai etc. have several famous golf courses about which you could boast about and show off in front of your friends. When you choose such famous golf vacation destinations, you have full right to brag about it. It is important to brag a bit at all golf clubs. You could tell your opponent that you just came after playing on the Emirates Golf Club course or the Old Course located at St. Andrews, your opponent would at once have a high opinion about you even before any stroke has been executed. You could get the opportunity of choosing a well-known course if you approach the authorities really early every season.

Choose an Emerging Golf Destination If You Have Budgetary Constraints

Golf is bound to be cheaper in the emerging golfing destinations that are desperately looking for building a goodwill and reputation. Dining and accommodation would also be remarkably cheaper here. You could enjoy great golf holidays at recently opened resorts in some emerging golfing destinations like Cambodia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, and even Vietnam. You may even opt for India and China too.

Enjoy the Services of a Caddy

Many golfers are not able to afford a personal caddy every time on the course as caddies are pretty expensive in the USA, the UK, and even Ireland. But in the emerging golf destinations, caddies are available at relatively cheaper rates. Caddies are mostly players in their own rights and they never criticize your game and always have a word of encouragement.


Travel smart to the golfing destination of your choice. It is a good idea to follow the above advice in mind. You must also remember to watch a tournament before playing. Nothing could match the experience of watching the golfing greats play a key tournament and then you play on the very same course two days later. You could do this almost every year at many tournament courses including the major Open in Britain.

Author Bio: Mathew Holt is a golf enthusiast who is passionate about traveling too. He enjoys blogging in his spare time. He advises his readers to visit the relevant website and seek more information before finalizing a golf holiday to your dream golfing destination.