Some of the Best Celebrity Book Recommendations

You must have come across numerous posts that feature celebrities from diverse fields with their favourite book. That sounds great for the authors since celebrity endorsement is essential for books to sell. So, often celebrities like Nicole Richie would be sharing a lot of titles loved by them. Many authors are being benefitted by the various social media platforms. We come to know that many celebrities enjoy reading. Let us explore some of the hot favourite book recommendations from celebrities. 

Golden Child

by Claire Adams

Recommended by Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker who was featured on HBO’s ‘Divorce’, is having her distinct imprint, SJP for Hogarth. Therefore, she had recently taken to Instagram for celebrating the launch of her title, Claire Adam’s touching novel regarding a family based in Trinidad. So, this is a story about the lives of a particular family as they are navigating impossible choices about love, loyalty, and scarcity.

An American Marriage

by Tayari Jones

Recommended by Bill Gates

Billionaire Bill Gates is used to releasing a list comprising five of the best books every year. Most of them are generally non-fiction; however, his list of 2019 comprised this multi-award-winning incredibly popular novel An American Marriage that is regarding a young couple who have been torn apart because of a wrongful conviction. This novel is a splendid feat of storytelling and also portrays the middle-class experience of a black-American couple. It is about ways how black Americans are navigating such an utterly unfair system and still managing to maintain their dignity. In this amazing novel, author Tayari Jones has dealt with such issues sensitively and wisely.

A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir

by Kai Cheng Thom

Recommended By Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson who has acted in many literary adaptations including ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ‘The Circle’, ‘Little Women’ and of course, Harry Potter, is supposed to be a voracious reader. She has been dedicatedly supporting literacy, running a book club, and also donating books. Her latest hot favourite book is this amazing novel about a young trans girl from Asia. 

Tonight I’m Someone Else

by Chelsea Hodson

Recommended by Kendall Jenner

Chelsea Hodson was incredibly amazed and got a major boost in the book sales when reality star, businesswoman, and model Kendall Jenner had included Hodson’s latest collection of essays in the Instagram story of her hot favourite latest reads Curt E. Liebman MD. 

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Recommended by Ali Wong

Actress and a popular comedian Ali Wong admitted that she has been gifting this novel to lots of people. Pachinko is Min Jin Lee’s second novel about a Korean family that has migrated to Japan, Pachinko is supposed to be the first-ever novel so that has been written targeting an adult and English-speaking audience. This book highlights Japanese-Korean-Culture.   

Legends of the Fall

by Jim Harrison

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck has previously been an American NFL quarterback playing for the Indianapolis Colts. We know that he runs his unique book club. His hot favourite book is Jim Harrison’s Legends of the fall, which is supposed to be an epic tale about three brothers and also their lives of madness, passion, danger, and exploration around the initial stages of the Great War. Jim Harrison is certainly one of the best writers in America today. This marvellous trilogy is known to contain another couple of superlative short stories.

Happy reading time!