The real story behind the Oscar celebrity dress selection process

“Who are you wearing?” Hollywood stars have to face this question too often! And it’s a question that can make selection anyone get cringes at the red carpet and also lead to several tweets and also Facebook shares. Asking Oscar attendees, the designer they chose for the evening is judging them on their judgment call. But not many are aware of the story behind the celebrity dress selection process for the Oscars! 

The inside story

The convention of dressing a star or celebrity for any award show is an occasion to showcase brands. It’s a moment for designers, and also stylists to grab a business opportunity. With every Oscar arrangement, the actresses, fashion designers, and also dedicated stylists prepare for the most arduous task. It is to prepare the stars for the red-carpet rat race. Most viewers are browsing online news portals to check out which Hollywood celebrity came with their parents or if Amy Schumer will have her quirks up her sleeve again or not. However, there’s a behind the story moment, which is very different from everything looks like.

The first rule that applies

The wardrobe selection process is a long one. And to arrive at a decision is not easy. It might take more time than what any actress or her stylist expects. However, the first rule is not to start very early, then everything might get jinxed. The moment the nominations are announced, that’s when its go-time. From here starts the process of trying out dresses from various designers, before an actress decides on the one dress she will sport on the red carpet.

The two relevant options

For an actress attending the Oscars, there are two choices available! They might want to borrow a new collection from a classy, designer brand. Alternatively, they might prefer to customize a dress for them by the same designer. Many people assume that stars and also celebrities will get their dresses for free for the award season. And the precise answer is getting an Oscar nominee to wear and also mention a specific brand is a PR machinery act.

Hence, a customized dress is akin to a Big Kahuna of the award season. It’s a scope that won’t be available too often. According to Aliza Licht, the previous DKNY PR Girl confessed that sporting a distinctive gown is a unique selling point for both the actress and also the stylist involved. The designer also gets ample attention in the process.

The showcasing of the wardrobe

Hence, the chosen dress gets showcased on the runway. It’s a conscious decision taken by the authorities. The stylists would get sketches beforehand and not pictures. That would keep it unique and also special. It means when an actress chooses a dress from a famous designer collection, then the ones who got nominated first get the initial dibs, which gets followed by show presenters.

Every sample would get worn by one celebrity! It’s essential that every celebrity sport a different designer or a different dress. Duplicate spotting is a deal-breaker in today’s online era. Hence, there’s competition in the selection process. Most often than not, things become the calendar of fittings. Everyone wants to look better than the other in the rat race of stealing the glances at the red carpet. Ultimately, the stylists zero down on the partnership between an actress keen to sport a specific designer and also a designer that wants a particular celebrity.