Top Plumbing Tips You Should Heed to Prevent Needless Emergencies

Most of us take plumbing for granted and don’t usually spend any time thinking about it or worrying about maintaining it. However, the situation changes immediately when there is a problem. And also we are suddenly at a loss about how to tackle it the best. Some basic plumbing maintenance tips that ensure you don’t get caught out in an emergency:

Never Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain

While it can seem to be the most logical thing to pour cooking greases and oils down the kitchen drain. What most people fail to appreciate is that when you do it repeatedly. The grease will tend to stick to the sides of the drain and also start building up. In no time at all, the oil and also grease buildup will result in the drain clogging and also you will be left. With a potentially serious situation on your hands. It is better that instead of pouring cooking oils down the kitchen sink, you wait for the fats. To solidify and dispose of it with the garbage or chuck it in your compost bin.

Make the Use of a Basket Strainer Compulsory 

Most of the clogs in the plumbing system are due to the accumulation of debris in the kitchen or hair in the bathroom sink made worse due to the soap residue. The easiest way of preventing this is to use a basket strainer at the mouth of the drain in the sink to catch the detritus before it can become a nuisance that you will need to clean it up by yourself or to call in a professional Plumber Auckland

Don’t Treat the Flush as a Disposal Chute 

Many people don’t care to think about what they flush down the toilet but this is a practice that will invariably lead to serious plumbing issues sooner or later. Remember you can flush only bodily waste and also products specially formulated to dissolve in water like toilet paper. Flushing feminine hygiene products, diapers, medications, cotton balls, paper, and plastic packaging, condoms, or even food will tend to clog the toilets more often leaving you in a royal mess.

Check for Leaks in the Flush Valve Seal of the Toilet 

One of the prime areas that are prone to create problems is the valve seal of the toilet’s flush. It is what prevents the water in the tank emptying itself on its own. According to, an easy check for leaking seals is to drop some food color in the toilet tank. If you see colored water in the bowl, it means the seal is leaking, and also you should replace it before it fails all of a sudden and also results in an emergency.


Plumbing disasters have a way of announcing themselves all of a sudden at very inconvenient hours. Despite being alert, an emergency can happen. You must know the location of your main water valve so that you can turn it off in case a pipe unexpectedly bursts. Also, remember to keep your drain access point free of clutter so that you can quickly get into action in case there is a blockage.