Top Reasons Why You Should Never Say No to a Fabulous French Golf Holiday

Golf Holiday

France has forever been a hot favorite golf holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, especially, British travelers and Northern Europeans. Brits are fortunate enough to simply cross the shortest stretch of the Channel about only 21 miles. French culture, food, wine, and a warm and pleasant climate have been enticing backpackers, campers, and city breakers since time immemorial for exploring its cities, coasts, and even the country side.

The much-hyped and awaited 2018 Ryder Cup is being held at Le Golf National, Paris. It promises to be the most magnificent golf show ever. For once, holidaymakers are attracted not just by the fine French delicacies and wine alone but by the French fairways, as well as, the greens. Le Golf National is supposed to be one of the finest golf courses situated in France. Le Golf National certainly is a must-play golf course if you are ever visiting France. Here are some of the main reasons why you must plan and finalize a golfing vacation in France.

Enjoy Golfing at the 2018 Ryder Cup Venue

You must make use of the golden opportunity of experiencing a wonderful golfing session at the 2018 Ryder Cup venue much before the teams from the USA or Europe. Everyone who is scheduling a golfing holiday in France before the September 2018 Ryder Cup, would be getting the golden chance to enjoy a joyous golfing experience on the Ryder Cup golf course much before Bubba Watson or Rory Mcllroy could get the opportunity to do so.

Needless to mention, that the Le Golf National is well-known as the best venue for the famous French Open. However, within three years it would be hosting the most famous golf team event. You could enjoy playing on the golf course for only a paltry sum of £75 and it is not such a costly affair.

Best Opportunities for Fine Dining and Drinks

France is supposed to be the ultimate destination for gourmets from all over the world. Food enthusiasts simply cannot escape being immersed in its amazing passion for food and finer things from Bordeaux reds & Camembert to Champagne.

French fine dining is famous all over the world. A French golf holiday affords a great opportunity for gourmands to enjoy the fabulous French cuisine and refuel themselves after a fulfilling golfing session with the world famous authentic French red wine. France is world famous for its exceptional red wine that comes from different wine producing areas within the country. Visit the website for more information about golfing vacations in exquisite locales.

A Climate Just Perfect for Golf

France, particularly its Western and Northern regions boast of a warm and pleasant climate just right for playing golf. The climate seems to be relatively cooler as compared to the Iberian nations yet pleasantly warmer than Germany, the U.K., and even the Netherlands. French climate is just right for golfing whenever you like during the day.

The golf courses and the coastal areas experience cool and refreshing sea breezes and the climate is never too warm and sultry to play. France is the best-golfing vacation destination where golf aficionados could play all through the summer and the spring months.


If you are still wondering if you are taking the right decision to opt for the French golf holiday, you must try convincing yourself. Moreover, France has produced the latest golfing star, none other than Victor Dubuisson, the golfing wonder and heartthrob. You could consider emulating his style.

Author Bio: Richard Jordan is a tourist operator and a blogger. He advises visiting the relevant website for more information on golfing holidays.