Trump impeachment hearing to become public

The first public hearings in connection with the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump will begin from 13th November 2019. Just a week after the announcement made by Adam Schiff.  D- Calif, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who is overseeing the probe. So far, lawmakers from three key house committees have heard witnesses behind closed doors. In the opening phase of the public hearings, three state department officials will testify first. The impeachment inquiry revolves around claims that Donald Trump. Pressurized Ukraine publicly announces an investigation against Joe Biden, Trump’s political rival.

Live broadcast of depositions

The first and opening hearing will feature testimony from William Taylor, a career diplomat, and George Kent, a state department official. The second hearing will take place on November 15th. Expected to include testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, former US Ambassador to Ukraine. Both hearings are likely to begin at 10 am, as stated on the website of the House Intelligence Committee. Additional announcements of witnesses expected to testify will follow soon as confirmed by Schiff. Also confirmed to reporters that an impeachment case was building against Mr Trump, the president. The hearings at Capitol Hill will be broadcast live as witnesses answer questions thrown at them by Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

The Ukraine case

The Ukraine case, which involves Trump enlisting his administration to take part in the illicit effort. To make Ukraine dig up dirt about former vice-president Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Both at one time had some business interests in that country. Schiff thinks that the American public would get the opportunity to see. That the most important facts of the case are largely not contested. Which would help them to evaluate witnesses themselves. Although the Democrats are the proponents of the open phase of the inquiry. They are still in the process of lining up witnesses.

The depositions so far

Last month, Taylor, who serves as the charge de’ affairs for Ukraine testified.  Before the three congressional committees that are conducting the depositions. Those officials received orders from Trump to tie foreign aid to Ukraine to demands of opening an investigation into the Biden family and the elections of 2016. He admitted that it was becoming clear by July that military. US military aid of $400 million was being withheld on the condition. That the Ukrainian president commits to investigating a conspiracy theory about Ukrainian meddling. In 2016 elections and the Burisma energy company.

A few days earlier, George Kent had testified that a superior had asked him to lie low.  When he raised concerns about Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He played a crucial role in pressurizing Ukraine to investigate the Biden family and the conspiracy theory surrounding the elections of 2016.

According to the transcript of the testimony of Yovanovitch. The ambassador to Ukraine between August 2016 and May 2019, Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU, told her that she should express her support for Trump through tweets if she wanted to save her job. However, they removed her from the post in May 2019.