White House Strengthens PR Campaign to Boost Trump’s Image

White House began an aggressive PR campaign to boost President Trump’s image among American citizens. Concerning the handling of the corona pandemic that claimed thousands of lives in the country. For some months, it has become apparent that Trump could experience a sharp re-election challenge due to the negative reviews. He received for his inefficient rejoinder to the corona pandemic and also the government’s lost opportunity to control the deadly virus.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.in, Trump seems to downplay the pandemic using the racist term, slamming journalists, and also mulling over injecting disinfectant as an effective treatment for corona.

Even though the ratio of new COVID-19 tests are showing a downward trend, Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) director came up with a gloomy forecast and also tweeted that the models the center is tracking, foreseeing the US is expected to cross 100,000 corona demises by June 1, 2020, which is alarming.

An aggressive effort by Trump to boost his image

The Trump government’s aggressive move to improve and also boost public trust. When it comes to the management of the COVID-19 was on the full swing this Friday, as the President emerged in the Rose Garden to drive. Attention to his hopes for a successful vaccine development to combat the corona pandemic.

Trump commented that his government is refueling the country’s economic engines, as most of the US states are thinking of reopening. According to the campaign, the country. It has the biggest and also most effective testing system compared to the rest of the world.

America’s effort to develop a vaccine

The President promised that the government’s vaccine development endeavor. Operation Warp Speed would be a huge industrial, scientific, and also logistical effort dissimilar to everything America. Has ever witnessed from the time of the Manhattan Project.

Vaccine or without the vaccine, the country will fight the pandemic and also Trump hopes that the US will have an effective campaign. Vaccine to contain corona in the days to come, and also it would be quite soon. Once the vaccine is developed, it would be a big leap to contain the pandemic. Trump hopes and also is optimistic that the corona will go away eventually.

Trump’s strategic endeavors

The government’s more strategic endeavors to continue offense come at a time when the number of positive test cases is declining in the country. The US states are just beginning to reopen after the lockdown. And also, therefore, it is too soon to see new infections. The downward positive test cases provide hope for the Trump government. After 60 days of organizing and also distributing aid depending on need.

The President’s approval rating

Regardless of huge job losses and also a declining economy, the President’s approval rating in the country. Was stable at 50 percent in the current SSRS or CNN survey. Though many polls indicated that the President is experiencing a continuous campaign trust issue as far as his management of the corona pandemic is concerned. According to a Pew Research Center Poll, a mere 41 percent of US citizens. Think that Trump has done an outstanding job to contain the corona epidemic.

The need of the hour is containing the pandemic, making serious efforts to reduce death tolls, ensure medical facilities. And also follow social distancing to fight the corona menace.