10 Salad Recipes that Dad Can Make

Eating salad regularly is one of the best healthy eating habits you can develop. You eat salad for the fiber, health benefits, to cut calories, to increase satisfaction and to get smart fats among other benefits. What is even better is that it doesn’t cost much to prepare your own salad at home. You can even mix them up so that you take a different salad every time. The purpose of this post is to discuss a few salad recipes that dad can make.

  1. Asian apple slaw

To prepare this salad, you just mix rice vinegar and lime juice with sugar, salt and fish sauce. Toss it with apple and julienned jicama, chopped scallions and mint.

  1. Spicy carrot salad

Start by microwaving grated carrots with minced garlic in a ¼ cup of water. Microwave until it is crisp-tender. Drain, toss with lemon juice, salt, olive oil, parsley and red pepper flakes.

  1. Watercress-fruit greens

Toss peach wedges and watermelon cubes with watercress. Drizzle using lemon juice and olive oil. Season it with pepper and salt.

  1. Tomato-peach salad

Toss tomato and peach wedge with slices of red onion. Drizzle using cider vinegar as well as olive oil. Season it with pepper, sugar and salt.

  1. Herb salad

Whisk a single part of lemon juice using 3 parts of olive oil and pepper and salt. Toss with basil, dill, tarragon, lettuce and chives.

  1. Champagne Greens

Whisk one part of champagne vinegar with three parts olive oil and pepper and salt. Toss it with Boston lettuce.

  1. Caesar salad

Puree minced garlic and lemon juice, anchovies, salt, pepper, an egg yolk and Worcestershire sauce. While the machine is running, add ¼ cup of olive oil. You can toss it with romaine then top it with Parmesan and croutons. There are several restaurants that offer this salad and you can find them online.

  1. Squash and Orzo salad

You need to sauté yellow squash, zucchini and scallions in olive oil. Do so until they are tender. You should then toss using orzo, goat cheese, dill, parsley, pepper and salt.

  1. Hearty tuna salad

To prepare this salad, you need to mix cannellini beans, pickled mushrooms, capers, olives and celery then stir in mustard, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Toss using cherry tomatoes as well as oil packed tuna.

  1. Three-bean salad

You need to start by boiling 1/3 cup of cider vinegar, ¼ cup of sugar and ¼ of vegetable oil and salt. Pour this over blanched green and wax beans, red onion slices, and kidney beans. Marinate for an hour. Season it with pepper and salt then top with parsley.

The above are just the top salads that even your dad can prepare. No special ingredients or skills are needed to prepare the salads. What is even more amazing is that all these salads offer a range of health benefits. There are many more recipes that you will find online. The key is to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. You should also note that not all recipes you find online for salads are healthy.