How to Prepare The Best Stir Fry Vegetables

Don’t you just love the savory taste of fresh stir-fried vegetables? The sound produced and the sensory effects the veggies have as they crush in your mouth and the remnant taste after eating is simply out of this world.

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will love stir fry vegetables and even in winter, these meals are incredible. To prepare the best stir fry vegetables always, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Gather the right ingredients

If you have a garden, then you will probably argue that the best time to prepare stir-fry vegetables is during summer. This is because your veggies in the garden will be ripe and fresh. Though this is true, you have to agree to disagree with the fact that there is no perfect time for preparing stir-fry vegetables.

All you have to do is gather the right or the preferable vegetables from the grocery store of your garden and get them to your kitchen. In case you are missing one of the preferred vegetables, don’t start without it. There are various providers of food delivery services nearby. Give them a call and they will avail that favorite vegetable.

  • Prepare the vegetables

First clean the vegetables then chop them. How you chop the veggies depends on how you feel and your preference. Ensure that you have all the necessary vegetables cleaned and chopped ready for cooking.

  • Get the right oil

Now, this is where most people go wrong. For the best stir-fry vegetables, you have to use the right oil. Virgin olive and coconut oils are among the best since they do not cause any greasiness. Though they may be slightly expensive, they are the best for vegetables.

  • Use the right pan

The pan used for stir-fry vegetables has a significant influence on how the vegetables will cook. The vegetables require hot heat but the heat shouldn’t result in burning or the veggies before they are ready. You should invest in a thick non-stick cooking pan or an iron cast pan that is often very thick. The use of a thick pan helps in attaining the expected or better results.

  • Be ready to experiment

The secret to great food is experimenting. If you have always prepared your veggies in a certain way, you may consider adding or replacing one ingredient with another. Normal can be boring and you will be amazed by how much difference mintfresh vegetables will have on the meal. Food is all about having fun and you can do that easily by trying out different ingredients. Try balancing flavors though. Avoid preparing veggies with the same acidity level.

  • Right spices

Spices change a lot about a meal. When it comes to stir-fry vegetables, you should consider natural spices that will blend with the vegetable of your choice. Some of the most common spices are oregano, black pepper, cilantro, cumin, ginger or garlic. Moderation is key and consider your taste buds or personal preference. When cooking for many people, mild to hot pepper is preferable.

In conclusion, put your heart to it then gather the right ingredients. You will be surprised by what you can chop up and whip out after a few minutes. Also, don’t overcook the vegetables and include a side of your liking.